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QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

Intuit has spent over $600 million developing this product. They know this is the wave of the future. With your monthly subscription, this product is updated regularly. You will no longer need to purchase the yearly release, as you need to do in QuickBooks Desktop products to obtain all the new whistles and bells.

Although QB Online comes in 3 formats, (Simple Start, Essentials and Plus with Payroll) I HIGHLY recommend “Plus”, as it has the ability to use Class and Location. (Location isn’t available in any of QuickBooks Desktop products). It also tracks 1099 activity & prepares forms for Vendors and the Internal Revenue Service at year’s end.

Your Accountant, Consultants, CPA, &/or Tax Preparer will have the ability to log in to your accounting data on any mobile device to access your data (with your permission).

Banks and Credit Card accounts will be able to download their data on a daily basis saving you hours of time it would take to enter the data manually.

Reconciliation is a breeze, as all the activity is already posted in the bank & credit card registers.

QB Online works best with the Google Chrome Browser Interface. Using options on the Chrome Menu, you can:

  • Work with bookmarks
  • Reopen recently closed tabs
  • Copy and paste text
  • Save a web page
  • Find text on a web page
  • Print a web page
  • View files you have downloaded
  • Make changes to Chrome’s settings


QuickBooks Online doesn’t operate as a completely stand–alone accounting solution. It has functional limitations. That is where third-party developers come in to play. You can click the Apps link in the Navigation bar to visit the Apps Center and explore available Apps.

Although add-on Apps can provide additional functionality for QuickBooks Online, some functionality is still missing.  For example, using QuickBooks Online you can’t:

  • Track your balance sheet by Class
  • Process more than 350,000 transactions annually
  • Prepare international transactions
  • Track labor costs
  • Manage a robust inventory
  • Prepare and track progress invoices



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