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QuickBooks Point of Sale

Many retailers continue to use outdated electronic cash registers to manage their business. Shepherd Enterprises and Associates can help your retail business operate more effectively by installing a QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) system. QuickBooks POS (A Complete Business Management Solution for Your Retail Store) allows retailer to:

  • Ring up sales faster
  • Manage inventory more efficiently
  • Track customer buying behavior to improve marketing efforts
  • Easily transfer financial information to QuickBooks Financial Software
  • Process credit and debit cards with a swipe and a click
  • Save time by scanning bar codes
  • Track employee productivity and maintain security

Shepherd Enterprises, Certified QuickBooks POS Professional Advisor in the last 5 releases of this software, will determine your exact requirements and design a system to meet your needs. With the help of associates, if necessary, we will install the proper hardware and software.

After the system is installed, we will work with you and your employees to conduct an accurate count of on-hand inventory and upload that information to the QuickBooks POS system. We will also integrate QuickBooks POS with QuickBooks Financial.   We also can provide customized training for you and your staff and show you the correct way to operate the system and obtain the financial information you desire.

We have our personal Intuit Representative contact you directly and assist you in obtaining the right hardware and software with savings of up to 20%. We also, if necessary hook you up with one of our Associates who can buy or build you the PC hardware you need to run QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Financial Software.

Intuit even provides a “60 Day Money Back Guarantee” without obligation, so let’s get started on the road to GREATER EFFICIENCY.

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