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Shepherd Enterprises
25 Ramon St.
Sonoma, CA 95476
(707) 938-0938
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Accounting & Review

At the request of several of our ongoing clients, we have developed a monthly accounting and review service, which has turned out to be a “WIN-WIN” situation for our clients and ourselves.


Monthly, the client sends us their:

  1. Bank statements:
  2. Credit Card Statements
  3. All their Cash Tags

We in turn do the following:

  1. Reconcile all bank statements
  2. Post and reconcile all credit card statements
  3. Post all cash tags and reconcile the Petty Cash Account
  4. Review all of the last month’s QuickBooks activity and inform our client of suggested corrections


For the first 3 month we discount our consulting fee by 60% for doing this work.

After this time period we negotiate a FLAT CHARGE MONTHLY FEE, based upon size of accounts and time involved, that is fair and equitable to both the client and Shepherd Enterprises.


This service FREES up our clients time to better manage THEIR BUSINESS and relieves them from doing time consuming accounting tasks. They sleep better knowing that these functions are being handled by us and are 100% correct. We are performing a “Controller” function for a very reasonable fee.

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